Campus Drive interview dated 22-04-2023 Aviation Academy In Trichy

Drive interview dated 22-04-2023


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Aviation safety management has changed greatly over the past years. It began with the safety officer being responsible for the whole program. It was negatively orientated and relied on inspections and mishaps to let the organizations know where their problems existed. This was a very reactive and expensive system. As time progressed, risk identification, assessment, and management concepts were incorporated into safety programs. In the past few years, a systems approach has been adopted. Safety joined Quality Assurance and became a team that was tasked with looking at systems errors. Aviation Academy In TrichyThis required that organizational management take responsibility for the company’s safety program. The systems approach requires that the safety/quality team be educated in their duties and responsibilities. This course will provide you with the essential skills needed to manage an organizational safety system. Emphasis is placed on management skills.