Airport Ground Staff Training


Ground staff are individuals, stationed at the various points in the airport who attend to the various needs of the passengers before and after flights. They are responsible for answering different queries of the passengers related to flights, making reservations, checking baggage, etc.

Airport Ground Staff Course Subjects


As we know an Airport is one of the busy and crowded place and air traffic is also increasing each passing year, so to ensure its smooth functioning, the companies hire ground staff.

Furthermore, there are following subjects in airline ground staff course:-

  • Airport Division
  • Aviation Fundamentals
  • Reservation includes Baggage screening and Queue Management
  • Check-in Procedures
  • Baggage Make-Up Area
  • Security Hold Area and boarding gate
  • Boarding Gate Formalities and Announcements
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Ramp Management
  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • SABRE- Basic Reservations and check-in

Ground Staff Career Opportunities

Ground Staff course is the popular field of aviation that covers various works like security, cargo handling, passenger handling, customer service, etc. They work as a team in the airport. The following tasks are performed by the ground staff team:-

  • Customer Service (solving problems, issues, queries, complaints, etc)
  • Ticketing
  • Baggage Claims
  • Passenger Handling
  • Cargo Loading
  • Cargo Unloading
  • Security Processes
  • Inter-department coordination

Our Program

Our program empowers students by allowing them to gain an understanding about working at Airport information desks, ticket and fare counters, baggage handling sections, and other related work areas at the airport.

Generally, Airport Ground Handling is nothing but servicing the Aircrafts while it is on the ground, which covers a wide variety of services for the Airlines to pave the way for safe air services. It includes not only highly technical services such as maintenance, fuelling, cargo handling, but also services which are essential to passenger’s safety.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate is required to have passed the higher secondary examination (10+2) with Maths and Physics from any recognized board, conducted by Govt. of India in any combination or any other recognized equivalent examination. The candidate must be at least 21 years of age.


Career Opportunities

Our Diploma in Airport Ground Handling program serves as a gateway to enter and serve the Aviation sector in areas pertaining to Crew Coordination, Ramp Services, Passenger Services, Baggage Handling Services, Cabin Services, Aviation Security, Customer Support, Catering Services, Cargo Handling Services, Fire and Safety Management.

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